Looks like I'm going to Freehold, New Jersey ✈️

2021.10.16 15:03 MyIndiscretions Looks like I'm going to Freehold, New Jersey ✈️

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2021.10.16 15:03 the_rapid_mishap Advice on attending a Walima?

Hi everyone,
Myself and my partner were recently invited to attend a Walima. We both have never attended one or anything like it before and it'd be great to get some advice/guidance on what to expect on the day, what to wear, do, say (and what not to wear, do, say) etc.
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2021.10.16 15:03 jaddf Wolverhampton Wanderers XI [16.10.2021][GW8][21/22] vs AVL

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2021.10.16 15:03 Masson011 [PS4][LFS][VoG] Looking to VoG for first time on D2

Me and my friend are 1135-1340 but are yet do do VoG. I played it a lot in D1 but he has never done it. Looking to join a group willing to help us through it. Anytime today would be great!
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2021.10.16 15:03 oranke_dino Midnight acting all kinds of cute. (My Hero Academia)

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2021.10.16 15:03 Krunkfuninja Shiba Inu’s 300% Price Rise Is a Crypto Version of ‘Squid Game’

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2021.10.16 15:03 MadCreamGames Pink Gum OST - Adult by Nicolás Pastore

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2021.10.16 15:03 nobeejuankeknowbee Who wins

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2021.10.16 15:03 DernhelmLaughed [Scheduled] Rebecca | Chapters 12 to 16

Hello everyone! Welcome to the third discussion for Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Things have taken a downright unsettling turn, and the mysteries of Manderley are deepening with every new revelation.
Below are summaries of Chapters 12 to 16. I'll also post some discussion prompts in the comment section. Feel free to post any of your thoughts and questions up to, and including, Chapter 16. I am looking forward to everyone's comments!
Remember, we also have a Marginalia post for you to jot down notes as you read. And you can find previous discussion posts in the schedule.
Our next discussion will be on October 23th.
Chapter 12
Our narrator is relieved that her new maid is an inexperienced girl named Clarice because she fears the judgmental eyes of the other household staff. Our narrator is keenly aware that she is inhabiting Rebecca’s home, and is slipping into the very same patterns that Rebecca had established. Beatrice sends her some art books as a wedding present. Our narrator accidentally breaks a valuable china cupid and hides the broken pieces, but is forced to confess when Mrs. Danvers accuses one of the servants, Robert. Maxim chides her for behaving like a guilty maid rather than the mistress of Manderley. She tells Maxim that she is more comfortable with Clarice, and feels out of place with the local gentry. She accuses Maxim of marrying her because her dullness would not inspire any neighborhood gossip. This provokes an argument with Maxim about who has been feeding her gossip, and he regrets aloud their hasty, mismatched marriage. Our narrator frantically backpedals on everything she has said to convince Maxim of their happy marriage, but Maxim seems unconvinced. Our narrator imagines how Rebecca must have received the cupid as a wedding gift.
Chapter 13
Maxim leaves on a trip, and our narrator has an elaborate fantasy of Maxim dying enroute, but she gets word that Maxim arrived safely. She is relieved that Maxim is away. She chases after Jasper to Rebecca’s cove, where she sees a name on a buoy: “Je Reviens”—“I come back”, an ironic name for a boat that did not return. She discovers Ben hiding in the storeroom of the cottage. He is terrified of being sent to an asylum because he had once peeked in at a woman at the cottage who threatened to send him to the asylum. Thoroughly spooked by a fancied presence at the cottage, our narrator flees via the spooky dark overgrown path. Back at Manderley, she spots a car hidden in the drive, and a man hurriedly ducking away from a window in the west wing, and Mrs. Danver’s arm closing the shutters. Our narrator accidentally meets the man while Mrs. Danvers is trying to sneak him out of the house. Jasper recognizes the man, Jack Favell, who acts overly-familiar. Favell asks our narrator not to tell “Max” that he was at the house. Suspicious about why Favell came to the house when it was conveniently empty, our narrator decides to check the west wing.
Chapter 14
Our narrator goes to find the window in the west wing where Favell and Mrs. Danvers had stood earlier. She discovers that the window is in Rebecca’s bedroom, which is ready for use, with a made bed, toilette and fresh flowers. Rebecca’s clothes are in the wardrobe. Mrs. Danvers appears and fawningly shows our narrator Rebecca’s luxurious belongings and azalea-scented clothes while reminiscing about waiting on Rebecca. Mrs. Danvers describes the night of Rebecca’s accident. Rebecca had just returned from London, and Maxim was out dining with Frank Crawley. Mrs. Danvers was also out, and didn’t return in time to advise Rebecca not to go out sailing in the rough weather. Mrs. Danvers was worried when Rebecca didn’t return by midnight, but Maxim reassured Mrs. Danvers that Rebecca probably just slept in the cottage. Flotsam from the boat eventually washed ashore, and Maxim had to go to Edgecoombe to identify Rebecca’s battered body. Afterwards, Maxim could not bear to stay there, and he moved out. However, Mrs. Danvers kept Rebecca’s room in good order, and didn’t allow any of the maids to enter. Mrs. Danvers says that she sometimes senses Rebecca in the house, and asks our narrator, “Do you think the dead come back and watch the living?” Mrs. Danvers wonders aloud if Rebecca sometimes watches our narrator and Maxim together.
Chapter 15
Our thoroughly-spooked narrator is afraid that Mrs. Danvers is watching her from the house windows, and eagerly accepts Beatrice's offer to drive our narrator to visit Maxim’s grandmother. Our narrator secretly recoils when Beatrice talks about her boisterous, crude and privileged lifestyle. Our narrator asks Beatrice about Jack Favell, and is surprised to learn that he is Rebecca’s cousin. Beatrice’s manner turns abrupt at the mention of Favell, and she calls him a “bounder”. The initially pleasant visit with Maxim’s grandmother turns awkward when the forgetful old lady starts clamoring for Rebecca, and Beatrice and our narrator leave quickly. Our narrator is embarrassed when Beatrice apologizes for forgetting how well-loved Rebecca was. Walking back up the drive to Manderley, our narrator imagines what Maxim’s grandmother’s life must have been like at Manderley. When she arrives at Manderley, she overhears Maxim shouting at Mrs. Danvers, forbidding Favell to ever be admitted to Manderley again. Our narrator wonders who told Maxim about Favell’s visit, but Maxim does not discuss the argument with her.
Chapter 16
Visitors at Manderley implore Maxim to revive the fancy dress ball. Maxim is annoyed at the effort involved with a big party, and our narrator is embarrassed at having a party in her honor, but they accede to the request. Our narrator means to surprise everyone with her costume, but cannot think of a good one until Mrs. Danvers suggests mimicking a portrait in the gallery, of Caroline de Winter dressed in white. Our narrator wonders if Mrs. Danvers thinks that she told Maxim about Favell’s visit, and fantasizes how Rebecca must have had to mollify Maxim if Favell rang her on the phone. Maxim catches her acting out the fantasy, and dislikes the change that came over her face during the fantasy. He wishes our narrator would remain young and innocent, and says that she is better off not knowing some secrets. Our narrator orders her costume of the white dress from a dressmaker in London. Preparations for the fancy dress ball are underway, organized by Frank and managed by Mrs. Danvers, with our narrator useless and almost underfoot. Manderley is transformed into a glittering setting for a party, and our narrator excitedly dresses in her wonderful costume. She makes a grand entrance, eager to be the center of attention, only to be met with stunned silence from the family circle (including Giles in brownface as an Arab). Maxim furiously orders her to change her costume before the rest of the guests arrive. Mrs. Danvers watches, triumphant.

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2021.10.16 15:03 ChaoticGoodBB "Humility is about seeing oneself as the right size — not too big (overinflated ego), but also not too small (timidly pusillanimous).” — Van Tongern

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2021.10.16 15:03 tunasandwich2009 WOODZ - The 3rd Mini Album : ONLY LOVERS LEFT (Live Clip Behind)

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2021.10.16 15:03 noahdoersing Linear geometries

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2021.10.16 15:03 givemeahugg How to not feel so bad about having bad teeth?

My teeth are healthy but there are too many work done there (fillings, crowns, extractions). I am only 20. This is because I had very poor hygiene as a teenager and I also have bad genetics (my whole family). I always go to the dentist and no matter how much I clean, there is always some work to do more.
I feel bad because in today's world people teeth are becoming better and the newer generations does not have bad teeth. So I feel like worthless. My teeth are not natural. I don't know what to do anymore and I'm usually having panic attacks because this is something I cannot get better at.
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2021.10.16 15:03 Physical_Guava9345 I can’t think of a title

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2021.10.16 15:03 TheChamberPlaylist Learn to distinguish between the real & the unreal, the shadow & the substance Some will value the watch, others will value the time Never take advantage of how good someone is to you Choice is the highest level of freedom Thanking GOD for what I have & what is coming 🙏🏾🙌🏾

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2021.10.16 15:03 tigse_ The new whip

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2021.10.16 15:03 Makarrov_359 Anyone wanna WD and/or quiting buddy?

I'm fucking done and over this nightmare of a lifestyle and it's time I end this Rollercoaster of addiction. I've been at it over 10yrs now, started with blues then on to ECP about 3yrs ago, never smoked or infected only snortted. The amount has gone up and down as well as from #4 to brown (#3 I think) to fent then back to brown, carfent once an ODed of course, and now back to brown but hey at least it's actually dope and not that fent shit. I snort avg of 7-8 $20 bags a day and the amount is always different. Some fat bags, some small, and some average but the number of bags has stayed the same.
I work full time in IT from home 9am-5:30pm as well as delivering pizza from 6pm till 1-2am also full time. I'm ready to quit and managed to snag about 120 100mg gabapentin as well as 26 10mg methadone pills in hopes of doing a quick taper like I had success with in the past only with blues but I was up to 15-20 or more 30mg Roxy daily which I think might be worse then my current situation.
Anyways if anyone is in the same boat and about to, just did, or trying to quit and wants to be my battle buddy PM me. I can't always respond right away working 16-17 days most days but I'll be there for you all the way if you do the same
I'm a dude in my late 30s, single with no kids unless you count my doggo!!! No RL support and no friends that would give the support needed. Only have like 5 friends anyways.... I'm a gamer and big into technology(work in IT with degrees, cars(currently building a 350z), and firearms(got a few) so if any of that strikes your fancy HMU
Thanks for hearing me out and hope everyone the best and together we can help each other crush out demons!!!
Have a great weekend! One minute/houday/week/month/year at a time!! We got this!!
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2021.10.16 15:03 lasagneking007 Best Budget Chromebook 2021? | HP Chromebook 11a

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2021.10.16 15:03 Fuligo_septica Chinese(?) man dies after consuming fly spray

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2021.10.16 15:02 Remarkable-Damage478 Ending but Lenny comes for Arthur...

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2021.10.16 15:02 gosshawk89 Drove through a muddy road yesterday, bit all is well again today. Recommend me a plastic product please though :)

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2021.10.16 15:02 Odd_Interaction_6726 What does my chart says about me

What does my chart says about me
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2021.10.16 15:02 Lodsek :)

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2021.10.16 15:02 FatManM6 Where to get Jassen Vaccine in Berlin? Saturday 16th October??

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2021.10.16 15:02 ruesen25 Verdien crypto met het lezen van artikelen op Publis0x.com

Publish0x.com is een website waar je interessante artikelen over crypto in het algemeen kunt lezen. voor ieder gelezen artikel verdien je een klein beetje crypto (op dit moment, AMPL & Farm.
Al met al verdien ik zo een paar euro per maand met het lezen van interessante stukjes over de cryptowereld.
Meld je aan met onderstaande link en start ook met het lezen en verdienen.
met onderstaand link kun je je aanmelden zonder referral
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