Riot forced us to play clash even after forfeited!!

2021.10.16 14:02 Dazaii_san Riot forced us to play clash even after forfeited!!

Riot forced us to play clash even after forfeited!! We lost to a smurf team first game, decided to forfeit and play some flex. After 2 flex games, riot decided to just pull us straight into a clash draft pick. Then after just a bunch of client bugs and lags.
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2021.10.16 14:02 Bruhntium_Momentum How do I anonymously file a complaint against a company that is doing illegal activities?

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2021.10.16 14:02 introsort [Hiring] Site Reliability Engineer - AC Wellness Network LLC - Careers at Apple (Apple)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Site Reliability Engineer - AC Wellness Network LLC - Careers at Apple
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2021.10.16 14:02 ShortAlgo $ASAN Waiting for Short signal on ASAN with

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2021.10.16 14:02 ShortAlgo $ACEV Waiting for Short signal on ACEV with

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2021.10.16 14:02 Alarmed_Ride7090 This is from Australia's "The Curiosity Show" with Dean and Rob (this is Dean) in the 1970's - 80's. It's the Aussie equivalent of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" as the closest equivalent sort of show.

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2021.10.16 14:02 milankyuubi George: Marry, Fuck, Kill

George: Marry, Fuck, Kill
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2021.10.16 14:02 SnooMarzipans8170 Mua ô tô auto được người yêu

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2021.10.16 14:02 ShortAlgo $ACGL Waiting for Short signal on ACGL with

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2021.10.16 14:02 5igorsk На Хабре: Книги с оригинальным подходом к теме первого контакта

На Хабре: Книги с оригинальным подходом к теме первого контакта
Не менее интересны коменты
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2021.10.16 14:02 long_soi does the comic look like a evangelion reference

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2021.10.16 14:02 introsort [Hiring] CAD Engineer – Extraction - Careers at Apple (Apple)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see CAD Engineer – Extraction - Careers at Apple
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2021.10.16 14:02 TtheMacroInnovator Why are online poker tournaments so small?

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2021.10.16 14:02 friggenfuckentaken new player, not understanding matchmaking in ranked at all...

hi all,
I've started playing the game like a week ago, hopped into rank the moment it was available hoping for more balanced matchmaking than in quickplay.
I've played other FPS before so my aim is kind of okayish, got placed in bronze, won some, lost some, had fun.
The last 10ish games though felt utterly weird, since the game kept putting me into Silver lobbies despite me losing almost all those games.
So currently I went from an almost full "bar" in bronze2 and ranking up to getting close to derank to bronze1 because I cannot win in matches against silver players while making my silver teammates lose those games.
Shouldn't I play against other bronze players to determine whether or not I should rank up or down?
What makes it even worse is the amount of trashtalk I've been getting in those matches simply for not being able to really perform and getting outplayed etc. ...while I think that I should not be in those lobbies to begin with.
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2021.10.16 14:02 HitoRik Governo mexe no ISP: gasolina desce dois cêntimos e gasóleo um cêntimo

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2021.10.16 14:02 Southern-Wait5802 CAKEJIFFPOM | Hidden Gem 💎 STEALH Launch | Anti-dump | Get in before it's too late 🔥

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✅ Contract renounced on Launch
✅ 100% Community Owned Token
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2021.10.16 14:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: gardd

gardd translates to garden
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2021.10.16 14:02 BrunoMendes7 Did they aged well?

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2021.10.16 14:02 Ghostakh World Food Day is celebrated all over the world on October 16

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2021.10.16 14:02 DawnOfLegion1 John Morrison : WWE's most unappreciated performer

World Wrestling Entertainment is in a compromising position at the moment. AEW and other companies are building up huge momentum, the fans are unhappy with WWE's product and more importantly, the boys are unhappy. Across the 200+ wrestlers that are contracted to WWE, you could make the argument that at least 60 percent of them are misused, especially the former NXT talent. Karrion Kross, Mustafa Ali, Keith Lee etc. - these are all promising stars that could be contributing so much more to the company, but what about the old guard ? Recently, Jeff Hardy was the talk of the wrestling world for being involved in the 24/7 title chase, but I believe there is another veteran in the company that's just as underappreciated and underutilized. The Shaman of Sexay, John Morrison ! In case anyone is not familiar with his career or history, here is a not-so-brief history lesson lol.

From the moment John Hennigan won Tough Enough, it was painfully obvious that the dude is the future of the business. With pretty decent acting skills, a million dollar look and then a trillion dollar athletic ability, the future Nitro/Blaze/Blackcraft/Impact/Mundo was destined for greatness. In all honesty, JoMo's initial run was...very good in my opinion ! He never quite reached that upper echelon, but he always felt like a very protected member of the roster who the company will push at some point. Moreover, JoMo established himself as not only a great singles performer, but also as a tag team specialist during his two memorable tag runs with MNM and Dirt Sheet. A great run on Raw with the Intercontinental Title followed, that included awesome matches with the aforementioned Jeff Hardy and even other guys who were pegged to be the future at that point in time (Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, Chris Masters). Then, JoMo truly became JoMo and moved to ECW, obtaining his very first major opportunity to prove himself as a top guy. Granted, it happened on a C show, but it's WWE, and someone is bound to pay attention. Morrison's reign was good, and its closure ultimately lead to his awesome, pun intended, team with The Miz. After that fiasco ended, JoMo moved to SmackDown and turned face for the first time in his career ! A natural move, considering the man's style and look scream babyface. Yet again, JoMo was used as a bridge between the top guys and upper midcard, reigning as IC Champ once again and putting on great matches with Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy ( sense a pattern here ?) and even a young Dolph Ziggler. Accumulatively, JoMo won the Tag Titles 5 times, IC Title 3 times and the ECW Title once between 2003-10. Amazing, but now it's time we finally attempt to make a true star out of this guy, right ? Well, sort of.
2010 started out veeeeeery slow for JoMo, including a forgettable tag match at WrestleMania 26. However, by the end of the year, Morrison's time was finally coming. A severely underrated feud with Sheamus followed, a feud that gave us a couple very exciting matches, including a Ladder match at TLC 2010 that JoMo won, earning him number one contendership to the WWE Title ! Could it be, is it time ? Well, it wasn't ; JoMo wrestled his former BFF Miz in an absolutely banging Falls Count Anywhere Match on Raw for the title, but he would ultimately lose. If you have never watched this match, be sure to go back and do so, it's very much worth it. From this point on until the end of 2011, the story takes an elegiac and depressing turn. JoMo did not win any more titles, although he did have a couple more WWE Title opportunities. His neck problems kept getting worse and worse and ultimately, he left WWE in November of 2011 after almost 10 years with the company. At the time, this was shocking, as Morrison spent his life in the company and grew with them in every sense. His wrestling future was uncertain, but our story's hero had other plans - prove everyone wrong !
The term "this guy wrestled everywhere" is often thrown around with no concrete proof, but in JoMo's case it's absolutely true. After leaving WWE, the man had one mission and one mission only - prove the company wrong and improve on every aspect of his game. Over the next 8 years, JoMo wrestled in Japan, Philippines, USA of course, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, The UK and many more, picking up different styles, wrestling guys he never wrestled before and generally just learning more about that other side of the business, the more "real" side. It is hard for me to recommend a few matches, because he wrestled so many great ones, but here goes nothing lol : every match he had with Prince Puma ( aka Ricochet ), JoMo vs AJ Styles in FWE and finally, JoMo vs Brian Cage, in several different promotions. JoMo's indy run was certainly prosperous, but his star making performances in every aspect of the business truly picked up when he joined a certain Temple...
In Lucha Underground, Morrison, or should I say Johnny Mundo, was treated like a star from the inception of the promotion. Initially a babyface and then a despicable cocky heel, Mundo's matches were consistently the highlight of every show. In WWE, a big criticism against Johnny was his perceived lack of charisma and his monotone way of delivering promos. In LU, that perception was shattered and buried, as Mundo really grew into the role and became the most hated performer in The Temple. Disgusting yet charming, hated yet talented, Mundo had The Believers in the palm of his tanned hands at every moment. As already mentioned, Mundo's biggest rival in the company was Prince Puma, but don't be fooled, he had plenty other bangers with other guys, including King Cuerno, Angelico, Fenix, and even those charisma vacuums Alberto Del Rio and Sexy Star. Consequently, Mundo became a Triple Crown winner in LU, which carried over into AAA where he held three titles at once, officially becoming the greatest champion in the short but amazing history of Lucha Underground. After LU folded, Johnny Mundo was no more, but John Hennigan was not done conquering the mundo !
The final two stops were the already mentioned AAA, where Mundo became the top rudo ( heel) fairly quickly, and then Impact Wrestling, a company which was on life support at the time. Thankfully, Johnny IMPACT was here to save the day, and Johnny truly did that, as he stayed with the company for two years. Naturally, he won the World Title there too, following a trajectory that's become his staple it seems - start out as a babyface, then turn heel. Johnny left Impact after losing the title to his good buddy Brian Cage, as a massive decision was waiting for him. Does he go to AEW and become Johnny Elite, or does he go back home and attempt to show, one last time, that he should have been the man all along ? JoMo was reborn again, as he came back to WWE ! Now a multi-time world champion all over the world, a geniunely charismatic talker and still a physical and athletic phenom, how could you not push this guy to that high level ? I will tell you how - gotta team you with Miz again, pal ! Granted, the reunited Dirt Sheet was entertaining if not borderline comedic at times, and it provided great fun over these last 18 months. JoMo reinvented himself again, becoming Johnny DripDrip, styling his hair like Jimmy Hart and generally acting like AJ Styles did to Christian back in TNA days lol. JoMo not only got everything over, he got Miz more over too, while delivering spectacular matches the entire time, proving he didn't lose a single step. Fast forward to the present day, and the Dirt Sheet is dead once again, however the feud is on the back burner as Miz is busy playing a genie or something. So the question is - what now, what's next for John Morrison ?
Disregarding the fact that John Hennigan is by all accounts one of the best people in the business behind the scenes, it really breaks my heart to see him lowkey disrespected again. Nostalgia title runs for guys who have been in the company is nothing new, but for Morrison, it shouldn't be that way. I feel like even if he won the title, his run would be marginalized and regarded as something that's not that important. He wouldn't be treated like a top guy, but rather he'd be a paper champion, a stepping stone for someone younger, someone who was "chosen". Looking at JoMo, I really do see a perfect employee - always puts the young guys over, never complains, never gets in trouble, represents the company well and is a liked locker room leader. Perhaps that was his problem all along, he was too nice and didn't kick down the doors instead of knocking. I am not asking for anything super unrealistic here, just one solid title run, 3-4 months, where JoMo can show what he showed in Impact, LU, AAA and the indies - he is the epitome of a champion. Age is not an issue in this case, as Morrison barely even shows signs of aging ! Look wise, he still looks 25 even though he is 42 ! In ring wise, yet again, he still wrestles like he is 25 even though he is 42. The notion that he is boring or bland on the microphone has been shattered numerous times already, so yet another problem eliminated. In recent months, plenty of people in and out of the company have sung JoMo's praises, including Bobby Lashley, wanting to see him shatter that proverbial glass ceiling. A fantastic performer, a fantastic representative of the business, and most importantly, a fantastic person, I'd say this decision is a no brainer. Whether he is an exciting babyface, cocky heel or a comedy doofus, JoMo is entertaining and must-see, pun intended, and that's just outside of the ring ! Cesaro is great, so is Nakamura, but JoMo is the one person whose eventual WWE Title would make me feel like a little child again, seeing someone who was doubted prove everyone wrong. John Morrison took a bet on himself, and became one of the best wrestlers in the world, and almost everybody knows that. I am just afraid that the people who really should know that either don't know it or they don't care..
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2021.10.16 14:02 Gnaneshwar_Gaddam Google Search for mobile gets 'Continuous Scrolling' feature instead of Multiple Pages

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2021.10.16 14:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: jardim

jardim translates to garden
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2021.10.16 14:02 Miles_bruhh Bro your so cute come here

mwah your a wonderful human being and I love you.
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2021.10.16 14:02 memerzax no offense to the people who do this, though

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2021.10.16 14:02 Macroc0sM together forever

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