2021.10.16 14:48 Pojoe2010 FRANCE VS GODZILLA

Jousting in godzillas stomach
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2021.10.16 14:48 HahaLookyhere Justified or strike back? Looking for a show after banshee

About to start the final season of banshee and I know I'm gonna feel empty after finishing it, any recommendations of similar shows?
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2021.10.16 14:48 FlareTheSlayer Should i create a new account

I was able to recuperate my account from when i started first playing with a lv 72 character in the number 2 frozen snow server. I heard that today the first servers are full of whales. Is it true? Should i create a new character in the last 93 server?
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2021.10.16 14:48 ArtThief69420 [manga]Would Thorfinn be friends with Musashi

People always compare who is more well written or who is stronger but my question is do you think that they would be friends? They both can relate to each other so much
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2021.10.16 14:48 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: RT @dhookstead: It’s another great day of college football in America. Put some beer on ice, fire up the grill and get your friends together. In this country, we celebrate college football and we’ll never apologize for it.

DailyCaller: RT @dhookstead: It’s another great day of college football in America. Put some beer on ice, fire up the grill and get your friends together. In this country, we celebrate college football and we’ll never apologize for it. submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 14:48 NooberryCake 💎 DIAMONDZ! 💎

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2021.10.16 14:48 Lustnugget Does this mean you get an aura for beating the game without using a TP or am i being dumb?

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2021.10.16 14:48 westru Say hello!

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2021.10.16 14:48 LordTwigo47 Why does this happen even though my print isn't moving

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2021.10.16 14:48 Itchy-Light-9972 Low estrogen in late 20s?

Im 27 from UK - had my hormones tested due to a few issues I thought may be related to hormones. Night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness (sorry TMI), uti’s and a decreased sex drive. My estrogen levels came back low but my doctors have been absolutely useless and said I shouldn’t look too much into it. Does anyone know what this could mean? Still having periods however extremely light and only been for about 1.5 days and the cycles seems to be getting shorter. Thanks in advance
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2021.10.16 14:48 milf_fucker_69 blursed_adolf

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2021.10.16 14:48 Funko_monko No one asked

Literally NOBODY asked. Allow me to explain. This theory proposed by everybody states that you said something that literally nobody cares about and you should shut your stupid mouth. Nobody asked about whatever the hell you just said and you should stop talking and come back when somebody asks. You're being dumb and annoying, which is why
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2021.10.16 14:48 ZoolShop 'Vampire' who killed 10 children beaten to death by mob after escaping prison

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2021.10.16 14:48 heinaga1989 Bnb Up | Stealth Launched | the next x100 token | LP locked | based dev | Low Marketcap | dev will dox

Just Stealth Launch Still 1K Mcap
✅List On PancakeSwap ✅Verified Contract 🔥BASED DEV 🔥DOXXING at 10kmcap 🚀Reddit Post🚀 🔒Liquidity Will Be Locked🔒 💯 Safe Dev
📱Telegram : @ BNBUpBSC
⁃ We will have 24/7 coverage in our telegram group along with 24/7 paid shilling teams to take full advantage of every global market in the space !
⁃ We will have a developer monitoring our charts 24/7 as well conducting technical analysis to make sure our buybacks are utilized at strategic times !
⁃ All of our team members are very transparent and honest. We don’t hide/lie or fabricate project details/future plans. Not only do we hope to grow the community, but we also aim to gather a loyal and trusted community of followers !
We do not want to create a pump and dump coin, we are looking for strong community members who actually cares about this project and believes in the cause behind it. Our goal is to guarantee long-term success for us
Join us to our journey to the moon
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2021.10.16 14:48 Akinyemibabs001 Charlotte Hawkins

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2021.10.16 14:48 Original_Evidence_33 Math research Question. Please can someone help?

Where, when and by whom was the Margin of Error invented ?
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2021.10.16 14:48 PepSakdoek Question about lambent Plume

So... I used it in Tartarus and got like +13% dodge chance. Then after that I took it off. Did I lose the 13% dodge chance or did I keep it?
I got a clear (my 2nd), and in the Permanent record it says I used it, but I don't know if the benefit stayed throughout (I assumed it would (since you keep your boons you got from other gods) but it doesn't show on the victory screen).
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2021.10.16 14:48 eatabagofsix Gaming Server for Adults

Are you tired of playing with the public? Do you want to have a nice chill game with other adults? We have a new server that is for adults that are looking to avoid drama.
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2021.10.16 14:48 AncientHistory “Zolamin and the Mad God” (2013) by Lisa Morton

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2021.10.16 14:48 Allpeoplewilltravel NEW Happy Caturday Digital Card Cat E-card E-mail Card | Etsy

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2021.10.16 14:48 DecentCry4016 ReDiT HAs tHe PoWEr tO CHaNgE THInGs

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2021.10.16 14:48 BrokenDots Ever since I got yoimiya, not once have I failed to get all 36 stars im abyss!

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2021.10.16 14:48 Friendly_Fig5350 In my supplementals, can I talk about what I can bring to the college?

More specifically, I am applying for economics programs, I wanted to say I wanted to start a community exploring this specific type of finance not in their course.
Lemme know
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2021.10.16 14:48 TradeNotPlay [SELL-XBL] $15/100K - Limited supply

Limited supply, will notify those who miss out when more is available.
Safe snipe ONLY. Bidding will not be enacted as it is a massive red flag in my perspective. I take liability for all missed snipes - you will always receive the amount of coins agreed upon.
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2021.10.16 14:48 maggieamaezey Spinal Cord Stimulator Surgical Recovery

(Obligatory mobile formatting disclaimer) I (26f) have been dealing with chronic pain in both of my legs and lower back from CRPS Type 1 since I was about 14. I started Gabapentin back then and have continued on it, with my current dose being as high as my body can tolerate. My flares were controllable to the point that it didn't severely interfere with my life, until a car accident a few years ago. Since then, the flares and pain increased to the point that I could not work and have to use a cane. Most doctors I would speak to would be dismissive, until I found a Neurologist that truly cares. He treated my migraines (another issue) and referred me to a pain specialist. I saw the pain specialist about 2 weeks later, and found out I was a candidate for Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS). The trial was scheduled for 3 weeks from the appointment. I had some non-device related complications, but we determined that the device was effective. I was referred to my current Neurosurgeon. Due to complications with anesthesia, it took a while to get the surgery approved, but I finally had it done 3 days ago. I thought I had prepared enough through research I had done, but I was very wrong. The morning after, I couldn't more without shots of pain going through my body. Sleeping was out of the question. But smaller things, like looking down, or putting headphones on, became an issue. Yesterday, I had to go to the ER due to the pain radiating to my chest. They couldn't figure it out. I know that (hopefully) this will all be worth it in the long run, but this first recovery period has me unable to function. I'm a college student who only took off a week and a half. It's mid terms. Any advice or encouragement from those who have gone through this would be appreciated. Thanks!
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