.5% just ain’t enough.

2021.12.01 12:55 Exact_Improvement_87 .5% just ain’t enough.

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2021.12.01 12:55 North_Tart_605 In my unseen toilings in the bowels of Yoyodyne’s Real Estate division I’ve come across an opportunity for “82,514 sf of Class A self-storage space” outside of Burbank. The merciless spores of paranoia are burrowing deep…

In my unseen toilings in the bowels of Yoyodyne’s Real Estate division I’ve come across an opportunity for “82,514 sf of Class A self-storage space” outside of Burbank. The merciless spores of paranoia are burrowing deep… submitted by North_Tart_605 to ThomasPynchon [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 12:55 majorchamp Is smooth scrolling jerky for anyone else have OneUI update?

It's very possible it's a combo of my use of Nova7 and maybe it hasn't been updated, but when I scroll there are these little pauses or moments it isn't smooth in my app drawer....was just curious if anyone else has seen this?
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2021.12.01 12:55 aponzu Duchess Clio ..Wiki Biography, age, height, relationships, net worth, fa...

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2021.12.01 12:55 Former_Effective_852 [XB1] H: Caps W: Suger Bombs

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2021.12.01 12:55 digfast "Most of my VILLAINS don't appear on no stamps" MF DOOM Stamp

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2021.12.01 12:55 5ss5- Do you have ever have sexual dreams?

When i was a teenager I used to have sex dreams very rarely. Once a year or two at best. Nowadays, as an adult, I never have them. I always hear talk about wet dreams and sex dreams though so I’m curious to hear the responses to this -
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2021.12.01 12:55 rickydp Netflix annuncia lo spin-off su Berlino de La Casa di Carta https://bit.ly/3Ddchrp

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2021.12.01 12:55 aquilesbaeza Ya nos cargó la reata de godzilla, amigues...

Ya nos cargó la reata de godzilla, amigues...
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2021.12.01 12:55 Fletchskis Harmony block explorer goes blank

I want to send more ONE into DefiKingdoms in MetaMask, but when I try to get my address from the Harmony block explorer it disappears and I can’t even copy it. Been like this 3 days now, anyone else having this problem?
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2021.12.01 12:55 L0gh0s After 474 days playing, it finally happened

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2021.12.01 12:55 MIU_MSD Only 30 days left to apply for our February entry! Don't wait, our next entry is in August 2022! Apply Now:

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2021.12.01 12:55 giggitygoo42069 The calling card of a true gentleman 🧐☕

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2021.12.01 12:55 Nomore2018j PSA: the free antigen tests work to get to USA

I was struggling to find information on this and the US embassy in the Netherlands sucks.
For anyone wondering about the new rules for Americans to get home, you can do the rapid test that the netherlands offers for free and it is sufficient to get to the states. I was almost bamboozled out of 85 euros for the PCR test as the testing center told me the US requires the most expensive one...perhaps that is for Europeans to get into the US, but the coronacheck app certificate for a rapid (aka antigen) test was perfectly sufficient. The international tab was all that was needed.
Safe travels!
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2021.12.01 12:55 Temporary_Direction9 A cry for help

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2021.12.01 12:55 9x4x1 Which is the bigger gamble? Silver or bitcoin? The establishment is trying to control both.

Silver and bitcoin could both be stopped by law, but bitcoin is less likely to get as significant a social push-back and lose popular political support. Silver strikes deep in the heart of fundamental property rights because it has been around since the beginning of time. Bitcoin is an e-tulip in shark-infested waters. I cannot risk my life savings in the bitcoin regulation turmoil, as more countries move to illegalize its use in commerce:
Harvard Economics Professor: Governments Will Not Allow Bitcoin on a Big Scale and They Will Win – Regulation Bitcoin News
For me, silver remains a long-term safe refuge.
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2021.12.01 12:55 iAmKetchupMan From ribs to abs

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2021.12.01 12:55 vo_hawkins_beats Round 1 - Jazzy x Boom Bap type beat - Free

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2021.12.01 12:55 Ollievonb02 Endocrinologist appointments

How many endocrinologist appointments do we need to have before we get T?
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2021.12.01 12:55 bahits One Week, APEie Fresh you're on! Earnings next Wednesday!!!!

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2021.12.01 12:55 angel-ina "I've always dreamed of this moment", thank you! Happy 20th, all 🧡

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2021.12.01 12:55 ClassicAioli259 I want to stay with him, what can I do?

My boyfriend (18M) and I(18F) have been dating for around 8 months. We have very distinct backgrounds. He grew up in a bad neighborhood and where I did not. lately there’s been a lot of issues where we’re just not connecting in some areas. His humor tends to be like bullying someone jokingly and sometimes I can get a bit bothered by it cause it doesn’t sound like he’s joking sometimes. I’m scared he won’t pursue college and that is something I’m encouraging him to do. He’s finishing up high school but is behind on his work and I keep nagging him to finish it and to go to college. I think he feels like I bother him too much to be responsible. He does work 40 hours a week to be able to help his parents. I signed him up do the SAT and he is going to take it. But he has brought up to me that it feels like an obligation to go to college because then I won’t stay with him. I want to be able to relax more and just chill around him and not be so on top of him. I want to be able to joke around and what not. But I also always had the idea that boyfriends are suppose to be super sweet? And not jokingly bully their girlfriend? Or do I have a misconception? I’m willing to change and work on myself and so is he. We both want to stay in the relationship but sometimes we don’t connect.
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2021.12.01 12:55 dog_superiority What do you guys think about the James Webb space telescope?

I think that the Apollo and shuttle programs were a waste of public money. We should have let private companies like SpaceX do that sort of thing in due time. I'm also inclined to think people who care about cosmology and physics should pitch in and pay for the Webb telescope. If they can't generate enough money, then they have to do without. That somebody who is worried about putting food on the table should not be forced to pay for it either through taxes or higher prices as others are taxed. I also think all universities should be private. The only public money that should be spent on research is anything relevant to defense (like DARPA).
But what worries me is the Manhattan project. If we had been doing it my way, then would we have had the expertise laying around to make the a-bomb to end the war? What if Germany or Japan beat us to it because they had more scientists working in that field then we did? Those scientists had no idea they would be working on the bomb when they started their careers. They were working on other stuff and happened to have the expertise to make the bomb when the defense department needed it. Does it make sense to spend public money on stuff like math, physics, cosmology, just in case?
(BTW, I'm not interested in this being an argument about nukes.... it was just the best example I could think of for the large discussion)
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2021.12.01 12:55 Ausyuna I think I have a problem

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2021.12.01 12:55 shelfy1 Earn 1 hi dollar daily valued now $1.37 USD for literally 5 seconds of your time. Added updates since last post. Hi.com

About Hi
hi is leveraging blockchain technology to build services that are community-powered. Members of hi are the key stakeholders of the ecosystem and the business is committed to maximize membership value – not profits. Their first service is the world’s first universal cross-ecosystem mobile payment and financial services platform.
HI is airdropping 1 HI per day for answering a simple questions. Chat with the Telegram bot, submit your number and answer a simple question to get 1 HI per day which is currently 0.74 USD. - UPDATED went up to 1.37
Sign up via Telegram , if you don't have telegram just get it via App store the whole process takes under 3 mins to recieve your first coin.
Every day open telegram click claim and repeat this will take 5 seconds. Dont forget to complete KYC to be eligible.
Example questions are like mine today was which brand of phone do I prefer? No right answers, just select any answer tbh.
To withdraw you'll have to go through standard KYC process and you need to have your account open a year then your hi dollars will shift from rewards to earnings and then you can trade them (Currently tradable on pancakeswap and hopefully more soon)
You can withdraw to like Trust Wallet after adding Hi.
So basically free crypto for nothing.
Updated : They now also have an app on the appstore so just register as normal and then you can download the app and do the daily reward there.
Updated: Hi now jumped from $0.74 from my original post to $1.42 due to staking options and listed on pancakeswap, however currently down to $1.07 due to app crypto dropping right now
Updated: hi now outlined plan for 2022 with direct banking options and more.
Updated: updated with better New Ios / Android app
Updated: they added debit/credit card purchasing for users with no fees and hi jumped to $1.37
Hopefully it gets listed on other exchanges soon, the pancakeswap swap and staking options was a big boost from my original post.
Refferal Link
PSA: You earn 50% of the hi fron people referred and 25% of their referrals downstream and so on.
submitted by shelfy1 to CryptoMarsShots [link] [comments]