How WWE Should’ve Booked WrestleMania 28

2021.12.01 13:15 dilpickle1222 How WWE Should’ve Booked WrestleMania 28

World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus def. Mark Henry (c) and Daniel Bryan
Sheamus wins an Elimination Chamber match to get a WHC shot at WM and it looks like Henry vs Sheamus is the clear match, but Bryan wins a last chance battle royal and defeats Sheamus thanks to interference from Henry to get added to the match. Henry and Sheamus are all business while Bryan is excited to be getting this opportunity, chanting Yes! all the way. At WM, Bryan immediately kisses his girlfriend AJ Lee after the bell rings and turns around into a Brogue Kick. Sheamus throws him to Henry who hits the Worlds Strongest Slam and pins Bryan to eliminate him. Henry and Sheamus go to war, where Henry hits all of his big moves but just can’t seem to put the challenger away. Eventually, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick and Henry falls to his knees. Instead of fighting it, he sees the writing on the wall and he asks Sheamus for more. He hits another Brogue Kick and pins Henry to win the WHC
United States Championship: Zack Ryder (c) def. Wade Barrett
Ryder shocks the world after getting a big opportunity and wins the US Title in late 2011. Going into WM, Ryder is still Champ on the run of his life, but Barrett comes into the picture and looks down on Ryder, he says he shouldn’t be a Champ. Barrett brings up how he defended the WWE Title at last year’s WM, but Ryder claps back, saying that he was overshadowed by Rock and Cena and that he was handed opportunities as soon as he debuted, while guys like Ryder had to scratch and claw for opportunities. The Champ accepts the challenge as he wants to prove that he can hang with the big guys. At WM, Barrett attacks Ryder during his entrance and a brawl ensues on the outside. Eventually, the match gets started and Ryder immediately builds momentum towards a bridging pin on Barrett to get the slick victory, his WM moment, and retain the gold
R-Truth def. The Miz
After losing the Tag Titles, the partnership between Miz and Truth gets worse and worse. Miz berates Truth, they accidentally cost each other matches, and Miz eliminates Truth from the Royal Rumble. Eventually Truth has enough and he ends the partnership with a punch to Miz’s face. The match is made official for WM and in the build up, Miz admits to wanting to keep Truth beneath him, while Truth just wants to shut him up once and for all. At WM, Truth pushes Miz out of the ring during his entrance and the match kicks off. Truth batters Miz whenever he tries to run away, but eventually Miz takes advantage when Truth starts fighting emotionally. He wears Truth down and tries for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Truth evades it and starts building momentum, dancing in between each move and finally hitting the Axe Kick. He pins Miz and gets the win in his first WM singles match
Kane def. Big Show
Show challenges Cody Rhodes for the IC Title at Elimination Chamber. He seems to have the match won, but fire rises from the stage and Kane makes his return with a new mask and evil intentions. Kane hits Show with a Chokeslam and a Tombstone on top of the steel steps. Kane gives no answer for attacking his former partner, but he does say he wants to cause destruction everywhere he goes. Show brawls with Kane week after week and the match is made for WM. The two go at it in a hoss fight that sees Kane Chokeslam Show through the announce table and Show Spear Kane through the barricade. In the end, Kane avoids the WMD and chokes Show out with the mandible claw
Kofi Kingston def. Randy Orton
After losing the Tag Titles and having his partner go out of action early in the year, Kingston sees his opportunity to rise the rankings and enter the main event scene. He calls out Orton, who he says is the man who stopped him from rising to the top. Orton ignores his call outs, so Kingston gets his attention by eliminating him from a Battle Royal for a chance to challenge for the WHC. Orton is now the one who wants a match with Kingston and the match is made for WM. Orton says Kofi was never built to be a main eventer, but Kingston plans on proving him and everyone else wrong. At WM, Kingston comes out with pyro and a new attire, while Orton is all business. Orton methodically beats down on Kingston before the match, but Kofi surprises everyone by kicking out after an RKO. Orton remains in control and starts to get cocky, which ends up costing him when Kofi recovers, hits the SOS, and quickly pins Orton to get a huge win at WM
Tag Team Championships: Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel (c) def. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
Ziggler teams up with his heavy, Jack Swagger to earn a Tag Title shot at WM. The Champs Kidd and Gabriel look to prove a point as they want to bring classic tag wrestling back and refuse to lose to a makeshift team like Ziggler and Swagger. The two teams go to battle at WM in a classic style tag match where Kidd is able to do better technical wrestling than Swagger and Gabriel flies higher and faster than Ziggler. In the end, Kidd hits a Double Blockbuster on the challengers, Gabriel lands the 450 Splash on Swagger, and pins him to retain the gold
Hell in a Cell; Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels: The Undertaker def. Triple H
After taking the GM role and becoming active on TV, HHH starts acting like he beat Taker at WM 27. He brags about having Taker leave WM on a stretcher, so Taker returns and challenges HHH to one more match at WM. HHH doesn’t accept and says he’s proven that he’s better than Taker, but when Taker says that HHH will never be better than Shawn Michaels and insults his manhood, HHH accepts the challenge. But, HHH makes the match HIAC and makes his best friend Michaels the referee. At WM, Taker dawns a new haircut and gets locked in the cell with HHH and HBK. Michaels’ officiating is even at first, but the memories of being retired by Taker and wanting to end The Streak come back and he helps HHH. Taker won’t stay down and HBK hits him with the Sweet Chin Music and HHH hits the Pedigree. He pins Taker and he shockingly kicks out. Taker recovers and it becomes clear he won’t be defeated. He hits the Tombstone and pins HHH, as Michaels accepts defeat and counts the fall to get the win and go 20-0 at WM
Womens Championship: Layla def. Kelly Kelly (c), Natalya, & Beth Phoenix
Kelly quickly becomes the face of the division after winning the Title and she becomes a big target for everyone on the roster. Ahead of WM, Natalya, Phoenix, and Layla edge out the others to get a Womens Title match at WM. At the Show of Shows, Natalya quickly goes after Kelly, as she wants revenge. Phoenix is cocky and toys around with Layla who she doesn’t consider a challenge at this point. Eventually, Natalya and Phoenix rekindle their feud and go at it while Layla lays low. Kelly gets in the mix and tries to fight off both women, but the Divas of Doom have a mini reunion to take out Kelly before fighting again. Phoenix is able to hit the Glam Slam on Natalya, but Layla comes in with a Steel Chair and whacks Phoenix. She pins Natalya and becomes the new Womens Champ, stealing the match just like that
Intercontinental Championship: Christian def. Cody Rhodes (c)
After outsmarting all of his challengers and holding onto the IC Title for so long, Rhodes declares that he will never lose the Title and that he is the greatest IC Champ of all time. Out comes Christian, a multi-time IC Champ, who challenges Rhodes to a match at WM. Rhodes tries to decline but Christian says that he can’t be the greatest of all time if he can’t beat Christian, he even brings up Rhodes’ father and brother, which fires him up enough to accept the challenge. At WM, Rhodes shows a lot of heart and that he can hang with the main eventers, but Christian is just too much for him and Rhodes resorts to taking the turnbuckle pad off, which costs him when Christian pushes him into the exposed steel, hitting the Killswitch, and pinning him to become the new IC Champ
WWE Championship: CM Punk (c) def. Chris Jericho
Jericho wins the 2012 Royal Rumble Match and it looks like he’ll be challenging for the WHC, as Punk is still gone. But, surprisingly Punk makes his grand return right after the Rumble Match to confront Jericho and bring the WWE Title back. Jericho makes it clear he wants Punk and the WWE Title at WM and the match is made official. Punk goes on a return tour, facing guys that he missed out on facing in his absence. Jericho is frustrated with the fans for cheering for Punk even when he abandoned them and took the WWE Title with him. Jericho stops the smiling and starts to show a grim side of himself as he takes out his anger on Punk and in one of the attacks, he TATTOOS Y2J on Punk’s arm. Punk doesn’t take the disrespect lightly and at WM, the two go to war in a technical masterclass that sees Punk get the best of Jericho by locking him in the Anaconda Vice and making him tap out to retain the Title
The Rock def. John Cena
this once and a lifetime match has been built up for a whole year, as Rock returned at WM 27 to plant Cena with the Rock Bottom and then they made the match official for next year’s WM. Cena wrestled throughout the year, throwing jabs at Rock when he could, but Rock returned for Survivor Series to team up with Cena against the Tag Champs Awesome Truth. In Rock’s first match in years, he won the Tag Titles with Cena and then immediately hit his partner with the Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow after the match. The Tag Titles were vacated and Rock made his return the month before WM to go face to face with Cena once again. The two had promo battles in the weeks building up to WM where Cena said Rock turned his back on the fans for Hollywood and Rock insulted Cena’s look and style, calling him a second-rate Rock. At WM, the two go at it in a heated battle in the main event. Rock shows that ring rust isn’t a factor and he’s able to keep up with Cena. They trade each other’s big moves and Cena gets the advantage and starts to get cocky. Cena goes for a People’s Elbow of his own, but Rock jumps up, hits the Rock Bottom, and pins Cena to get the win and leave him looking depressed on the ramp
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2021.12.01 13:15 Koprejs I just updated my server.jar file to 1.18 and everytime I open my start.bat file it opens and closes in a second but I managed to record and screenshot the message it leaves in time, what does this mean? What do I have to do?

I just updated my server.jar file to 1.18 and everytime I open my start.bat file it opens and closes in a second but I managed to record and screenshot the message it leaves in time, what does this mean? What do I have to do? submitted by Koprejs to Minecraft [link] [comments]

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2021.12.01 13:15 bruvbrobru If you applied ED to Columbia, do you still have the option to update your application?

^ not sure if this means anything, just saw someone say something about it a bit ago.
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2021.12.01 13:15 ThePinkLadle FREE SHARE

If anyone is planning to start investing, using freetrade (which i personally think is a really goo platform to use), use this link and youll get a free share. Worth £3-£200!
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2021.12.01 13:15 emmerson1257 If I go from Seasonal to Permanent will I get offered the chance to sign up for benefits?

Hi all.
Just wondering, if I go from a seasonal employment status, and am offered a permanent position, will I have the option to sign up for health insurance and other benefits? I have reasons for inquiring! :) If thats the case, I wanted to ditch my insurance from my school (1700 per semester) and save that money for something else. I was probably gonna ditch the insurance anyways because 1700 is just too much for someone who rarely goes to the doctor! Having the option of insurance thru Target after a possible permanent position offer would give me some peace of mind tho!
Thanks all!
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2021.12.01 13:15 radu000009 Ce schimbări ar trebui aduse sistemului din România ca să mai putem serba ziua națională și în viitor?

Am să încep eu cu o mică listă, m-ar interesa ce credeți că ar trebui și de asemenea ce e fezabil în al 12-lea ceas, pe măsură ce țara se duce pe apa sâmbetei în datorii, natalitate scăzută, emigrație, corupție, etc. etc.

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2021.12.01 13:15 iamyourfriend If NB is supposed to repair things with the ending of the original series there's a few things they need to explain.

Deb: She had just returned to duty with Miami Metro. She gets shot in the line of duty and all her friends are already mourning because she's brain dead. Then she disappears from the hospital, and nobody from Miami Metro follows up on that? Really? Power was still on at the hospital when Dexter took her, so why no security cam footage of him doing it?
Harrison: Just disappeared? Sure Dexter is presumed dead, but did everybody just assume that he took Harrison out on the boat with him in the middle of a fucking hurricane? Harrison had grandparents and half siblings, did they just not care about him? And what about Elway, he knew Hanna had Harrison, he knew they planned to go to Argentina, why wouldn't he tell someone even if the only thing he wanted to do was collect the reward for Hannah?
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2021.12.01 13:15 aizhana I feel like my productively dropped and I don’t feel any recognition even though my company says I’m valuable to them

I [27F] have been working for my current company since 2017. I’m a multimedia editor, meaning I work with everything online be it shooting or editing videos, animations, and photos as well as writing copy. I also work as a Web/UI designer, which is my favorite part of the job. I started out as an intern through my University, got hired with a pretty good contract at the time, taught myself everything I do now, eventually dropped out of my uni degree (which I was already struggling with since it was in a completely different field I did not like) and focused 100% on my job. Over the past few years I’ve had to deal with my own Imposter Syndrome (I suppose dropping out only made it worse) and took up many courses to learn more and do better.
My supervisor has been telling interns I’m a “genius” and that I can do anything, and I’ve been told she exploded during a meeting with higher-ups a few months ago when someone hinted they could ask for my help - saying that I was doing too much, that I’m too valuable for the company and that they can’t afford to lose me. That if only I tried I’d have a queue of recruiters knocking at my door soon enough. I’ve had the Director of Marketing calling me up in his office and basically telling me I could work with any department I wanted to, that multiple people had been asking to work with me.
At the same time, there have been multiple occurrences when I’ve felt like my work and input wasn’t valued by managers (who have never been in the designing/editing field), as if they assumed they knew more and that my job wasn’t exactly thought-out or that their personal preferences were more important than my research and knowledge simply because they’re in a higher position, or that they’re the only ones who can have a saying in scheduling deadlines (usually at the last minute) even though they don’t actually know how much time a task takes. I’ve also worked hard on difficult motion graphics projects with a strict deadline only to never actually see it go live - whereas a video shot in 2 minutes and edited via TikTok by an intern was turned into a paid ad right away.
I feel like they take creative work like something you can tweak to your liking and that doesn’t have any special meaning, and I’m merely the person who knows how to use the software they don’t. As a result, I’ve been ending up going over any single project multiple times to the point where I just give up and feel sick with the end product AND feel sick with myself because I “care too much” in doing a good job when managers don’t seem to mind anyway. HR administration is even worse and it’s basically like it’s not even there.
Cherry on top - even though life is kinda cheaper in my country than compared to the US - I get paid the equivalent of 13$/h.
I really don’t know what to do and what to think, I’m getting mixed signals and I’m overwhelmed by this. It’s like they have huge expectations in me, but don’t actually care about what I do or think anyway.
In the meantime, I just stress myself out daily because my decrease in motivation obviously meddled with my productivity. My mental health is not the best either, so I always end up doubting myself and my actual skills, probably taking everything more personal than needed and thinking about it 24/7, thus never actually getting and “mind rest” from my job. I’d like to update my portfolio and look for new opportunities, but that takes energy I currently can’t find and, more importantly, makes me clash with my ever-present self-doubt.
Am I just overreacting? Is there anything you would advise me to do to try and improve this situation?
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2021.12.01 13:15 Revolutionary-Ad-80 2021 Wrapped

I was going to check my 2021 Wrapped and then i was annoyed that we can't see it on computer. I don't have any mobile device to see my 2021 Wrapped story, i think we should be able to see the story on the computer as well.
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