Let's Play - State of Decay: Year-One EP15

2021.12.01 12:00 gincbot Let's Play - State of Decay: Year-One EP15

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2021.12.01 12:00 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 3 votes

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2021.12.01 12:00 marchioness-capra Confusing comrpomising documents and extraordinary implications.

Because my mind is more feeble than the hollow eyed hedonists conviction to drop prisoners honey, I constantly confuse compromising documents with extraordinary implications because they look 70% similar. I had a large number of cryptic clues which I was planning to upconvert into searing enigma. Guess what I have now? Fucking favours in high places. This is not my first time. Has anyone else experienced this?
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2021.12.01 12:00 patrik_Neocore [PC] Announcing Season of Empyrean Echoes

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2021.12.01 12:00 gary_null Can I transfer to another Dutch university without current grades?

Currently I'm a CS first-year student at VU, however I suffer a lot from this program, so I want to transfer to another school to study IBA or BBA. My problem is that I don't really have any sufficient grades on my grades list cause I failed most of them, can I still transfer to another school successfully?
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2021.12.01 12:00 Pinuxx I like the reps of u7 team

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2021.12.01 12:00 nhdtx How dare you say all Nazis were bad!

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2021.12.01 12:00 Beyenocular What is an affordable CNC router for a beginner?

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2021.12.01 12:00 Arsehole_Destroyer Can someone help me with the answer to this question in my science homework?

I really suck at science and I don’t understand any of it even though I’m in set 1.
The question is “Which separation method would you use to obtain a pure sample of the silver chloride? Name the equipment you would need and explain how your method works.”
I really don’t understand mixtures and elements in science.
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2021.12.01 12:00 SomeoriginalAlias Looking for a more fitting name

The long and short of it is: My character's name is currently "Dante". I literally just went to a website listing the "10 coolest names" and picked one, and I've grown to hate it. Specifically how much it sounds like a nickname and stereotypically "bad-boy"-y, if that makes any sense. I'm looking for one with a similar vibe, but maybe less common and less like a nickname. Following is a description of my character, which might be relevant to the name, but if it's too long: the TL;DR is above.
He's a criminal, dealing in information. He avoids big confrontations through threats, extortion, bribery, etc. but isn't afraid of a fight, though he'd never start one himself if he doesn't have the tactical advantage. To everyone's face he's a nice, easygoing guy, friendly and polite, but underneath he's sharp as a tack and calculating. He might be fake as hell, but he's loyal to and protective of his friends and family. (So a name that sounds typically villain-y might not fit). His physical strength is above average, but nothing crazy. As for his looks he's got dark hair and eyes, and his demeanor changes depending on whatever the situation he's in demands (Therefore I can't pinpoint whether his name should be casual, professional sounding, extravagant, etc.), but he's generally a calm person.
I appreciate every suggestion!
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2021.12.01 12:00 bbatsaikhan pants doing all the work

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2021.12.01 12:00 cryptoreview_ai DOGE reddit_posts_count trend in the past 24 hrs

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2021.12.01 12:00 5on7G03s Buyer Beware: Alleged War of the Bounty Hunter 4 “Error” Variant Not What It Seems

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2021.12.01 12:00 InaccurateDirection How do you make changes when change is terrifying?

I’m currently in a dead-end job that has been harming my mental health. I know it’s time for a change, but just the thought of changing jobs terrifies me so much that I become paralyzed.
So, how do you guys deal with the anxiety and terror brought on by change? Are there ways to manage it?
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2021.12.01 12:00 Ksm-official This Game Is BioShockingly Good!!

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2021.12.01 12:00 crvb Spectateur & La Cantina - Daydream

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2021.12.01 12:00 piano_procrastinator My reading comprehension assignment

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2021.12.01 12:00 txhrow1 When will the price for MacBook Air drop next year?

Am wondering if it's in the first quarter of next year.
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2021.12.01 12:00 laylaluvsu looking for a halo ( thats fair)

Trading 3.3k rbx for a halo thats fair ,!!!
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2021.12.01 12:00 Individual-Run1329 Girl looks at me even after she found herself and rebound, she is now single and still looks at me.

She recently got out of a relationship with a ex and stuff and she would flirt with me and would get nervous around me, she found it quite hard for her to talk to me when nearby, I tried to ask her out on a date but she said I was going to fast, eventually we get in a fight and we stop talking, she immediately jumps to another guy and dates him immediately, it last for 2 months, and even when dating him till now she looks at me, we make eye contact when we encounter each other which never happened before. Any clue?
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2021.12.01 12:00 bananen_som_kakan my cat tarzan

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2021.12.01 12:00 BeautifulPair4373 Ok y’all like TMG but are you in the top 0.05%??

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2021.12.01 12:00 Cephandriuss Does Magnus have a chance to lose against Stockfish in a classical game?

I am wondering because Nepo and Magnus played a game with over 99.7% accuracy.
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2021.12.01 12:00 IceKEcool2005 Random my favorite fictional characters bingo

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2021.12.01 12:00 midnightsvm How to create your own Happy Chaos Playstyle

Hey Everyone,
If you're like me, you're the type of GGST player that likes to explore a character on your own and doesn't want to play your character like everybody else out there!
If that's you and you like playing Happy Chaos, here are a few tips to help you manage the character's complex mechanics and make them your own! I recommend opening up training mode while reading this post!
5 tips to improve your Happy Chaos - your way :
(TL;DR at the end)

1) learn H.S. alternations
So as a new player of a Guilty Gear game, I'd never quite messed with a character like Chaos. Besides normal combos, now there's a mechanic to ready your gun using H.S. before shooting with it.
Because of this, I developed a mental model for how to structure Happy Chaos combos: __, H.S., __, H.S., [H.S, __, H.S., H.S., __, H.S.,] Scapegoat, Reload.
If this ^ is confusing, let me break it down.
a) "__" represents a move you want to do, this could be 2K, 6K, C.s, F.s, etc. this could be how you start your combos as your gun's accuracy is very bad if you haven't hit your opponent first (they can shield your attack too and your gun's accuracy will increase!)
b) Everything in the brackets [] is customizable based on your shot timings and personal preference; I just included what I normally do for reference
c) Note that your concentration will only last for 4 - 5 shots!
d) notice how I end the string with "Scapegoat, Reload". By doing this you set up to guard yourself during reload and you reset neutral with a full clip like nothing happened. I choose Reload instead of focus to focus on bullets, but you can do either. We'll talk about this more later in the list.
e) mix up your H.S. alternations to make sure you cover yourself. In training mode just try attacking the dummy by alternating between Slash and H.S and you'll pick it up in no time.
f) Many times when you slash, you'll have to be really close to your opponent to get a Close Slash (C.s) otherwise you'll get a Far Slash (F.s) giving you no follow-up options! This is where you should train yourself to react and get to shooting!!! After you can continue with combo alternations such as the one at the beginning of tip 1!

2) Abuse Scapegoat
"Abuse" might sound like a strong word but seriously, this move is OD. It costs nothing: no concentration, no health, no meter, no bullets,... nothing! This is your setup tool and your protection! On average (especially if your opponent isn't expecting it) you can do one move after setting up a Scapegoat but note that there's a bit of recovery after using Scapegoat so make sure to practice the timing to optimize the input afterward. Let's talk about our options:
a) Reload: Reloading behind a shield can be a great option since it's fast and cancelable. Make sure you've managed your resources and position though because other options could benefit you more!
b) Focus: Focusing leaves you vulnerable for a while, which is why I find it best to use behind a Scapegoat immediately. This is especially useful when you've exhausted all your concentration (which I wouldn't recommend but more on that later) but also when you have concentration and want to stay in advantage!
c) Curse: Curse is a great option after Scapegoat when you're trying to get away from your opponent after a combo. The extra jump back lets you set up again/more and the curse ball is extra icing on the already delicious cake. Sometimes after I curse, I'll immediately go into steady aim and start shooting because the likelihood you'll shoot and catch your opponent unprepared is pretty good. Fun fact, you can also curse opponents for free during their wake up if you're not too close to them.
d) Another Scapegoat: This may seem like a meme but consider this situation -> Your opponent is used to your scapegoats and immediately jumps over the first one... You could go into Steady Aim and catch them, but you might miss your shot(s)! I think setting up another scapegoat to block them where they land can force another jump or allow for more time to set up. If they jump and you want to catch them, get ready with 6P, or if you're ballsy, try 6S{Side note - please help me in the comments: What is Chaos' answer to jump/ best antiair option?}. Since you probably haven't cursed them yet, trying to shoot them could end badly.

3) Cancel Out of Ready Aim and Steady Aim
This one's pretty simple actually (thank god! :D ). Whenever you use your gun, build a habit to finish your attacks with either Reload or Focus (potentially after Scapegoat depending on if you hit or not)! For this one, I recommend building this habit in training mode first! The only caveat to keep in mind is how many bullets you should reload.
The fastest advantageous gun cancel (in my opinion so far) is a 1 bullet reload!!

4) Manage Your Concentration
In my opinion, your worst situation as Chaos is having a gun (even with bullets) but no concentration. Without concentration, you can't shoot and that's Happy's defining tool! Here are some tips for that!:
a) Don't use all your concentration! Manage your shots and build into your muscle memory how many shots you can take before using up all your concentration! Even with Steady Aim, you can use 2 (and maybe 3) shots before using up concentration. Not to mention that if your Steady Aim shots hit, you can cancel out of the stance using Focus to build back more concentration! More on that later.
b) If all else fails, opt to cancel out of your gun ASAP using Focus or set up a Scapegoat first before Focusing! Super Focus Overdrive works well too, but I personally like to hold onto my meter if I haven't already popped them up in a combo string (usually a Steady Aim combo). This character's playstyle is yours to customize!

5) Switch up your Ready Shots and Steady Shots >:)
This one's pretty fun. I looooove setting up this combo:
C.s (or C.s, F.s or 2K, 2D), Ready Gun, H.S shot, Steady Aim, H.S shot, Focus , ...
In this, I choose to switch shot types because I like the variety in damage and concentration usage! If you're quick with the stance change, your opponent will need to take a lot of time to get back up after hitting the ground and will be far away, allowing you to set up immediately.
I love doing this combo because the damage is pretty good, if it hits you're at frame advantage in neutral, the opponent is at your preferred range, and it's fun to do!
I put the "..." because honestly you still have so much potential after that! You can set up a scapegoat and reload, just reload, curse, bluff a steady shot by going into steady aim then reloading, the possibilities are endless!!

TL;DR: Remember to mix up all your options, Scapegoat frequently, and cancel gun stances with either Reload or Focus!
Specific details for the TL;DR in the post ^
I hope this was valuable and helps to stir some ideas for playing Happy Chaos!
I'm enjoying this character and I'm definitely still learning!!! (Since its only day 2 hehe)
If I'm missing things or if there are other suggestions, edits, opinions PLEASE comment down below. I'd love to learn more about how others are playing this character!!!
Happy Striving!
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