Yet again something slight, just to hold me over till I get my benzos in 🤷🏻‍♂️

2022.01.17 04:57 _black_stabbath Yet again something slight, just to hold me over till I get my benzos in 🤷🏻‍♂️

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2022.01.17 04:57 Sunayanarigo Is it over for natties ???

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2022.01.17 04:57 Somtimesitbelikethat Comprehensive Build Guide for New Players to Cataclysm Difficulty

Hello Vermintide Reddit! With the new Saltz career that came out, a ton of new players are trying out cataclysm. With the introduction of teammate build viewing UI update, I noticed why so many new players struggle with Cata.
This is going to be a quick TLDR of the build options that will jumpstart one’s progress into succeeding in Cata. This guide is applicable to almost all classes in Vermintide (notable exceptions or variations will be highlighted). I will not be addressing properties or talents not worth using in a given slot.
At the end, I will be addressing content creators that you should and, more importantly, should not listen to.
Melee Weapon properties:

Crit chance: This is probably the best property for your weapon considering proc ing swift slaying is crucial to many weapon combos. Overall helps with weapons damage because critical hits are insanely good in this game.
+2 Stamina: Take this trait when the push block attack is essential to your optimal weapon combos. (i.e. Mace&Sword, Billhook).
Attack Speed: Crit chance and stamina are so overpowered that I honestly do not consider attack speed a worthy option in most cases. Notable exception is Grail Knight’s Executioner Sword (This only applies if you are just using the exec sword as a secondary weapon to take out elites. In this case, BCR or Stamina is not necessary given that you will be blocking with your other weapon).
Melee Weapon Talents: Swift Slaying Always. Opportunist if you are bored of how overpowered swift slaying is.
Ranged Weapon Properties:
Ranged Weapon Traits:
-Hunter or Barrage is available for the classes that do not want an ammo trait.
Necklace Properties:
-20% Health- Very needed on classes that have low HP pools and becomes even more effective with classes that have high HP pools. (This stat is needed to get 6th stack of Fiery Faith on Zealot.)
-30% Block Cost Reduction (This brings you to 60% Block Cost Reduction with your weapon BCR. 60% BCR allows you to take a Chaos Warrior Overhead without breaking your block.)
Note: You could make an argument for 2 stamina instead of 20% health, but it will be a bad argument.
Necklace Trait:
-Barkskin Always. The best trait in the game by far. Makes you incredibly survivable and even works when you are in the downed state which affords your teammates more time to resurrect you before you die.
Notable Exception: Zealot level 20 Talent Armor of Faith offers great damage resist and is great for high level content. Many players opt for Boon of Shallya to increase their THP generation because barkskin is not as needed. Using Barkskin and “doubling down” on the damage resist is still always an option. Some players use Holy Fortitude and Barkskin to get similar effect as amour of faith + boon, but whichever combination you use is more personal preference than anything.
Charm Properties:
-For classes that are trying to reach ranged breakpoints, the respective charm properties will be used here.
-If you are not trying to reach ranged breakpoints, 10% power vs. chaos and 5% attack speed are the best in slot properties. Power vs chaos applies to the chaos minions + beastmen, and skaven are under tuned compared to the other factions in the game making power vs. skaven less important. 5% attack speed helps with overall dps and animation speed.
Charm Traits:
-All potion traits are fine except Home Brewer. Never run Home Brewer ever. If you don’t know what Home Brewer is, leave it that way. You are not missing out LOL.
Trinket Properties:
-30% Stamina Recovery. This is one of the best properties in the game next to BCR for similar reasons as BCR. Always have this on your trinket.
-5% crit chance. Crits are amazing and this is very helpful to proc swift slaying more often.
Note: Generally, no one goes for books on cata so no curse resistance. You might want to have a second trinket on standby with stamina recovery and curse resistance in the event you want to do book runs on legend or in private cata lobbies.
Trinket Traits:
Note: Grenadier works on the trollhammar torpedo so might be worth using if everyone else on team is using shrapnel.
Good Content Creators:
ThePartyKnife: One of Vermintide 2’s most comprehensive content creators. Offers great guides and his melee mastery weapon guides are useful for players learning best weapon combos.
Core: Core is a high level Vermintide 2 player. He plays and posts high level modded content. He doesn’t do much active commentary or guides, but once someone is comfortable with cata, observing his gameplay helps you fine tune your movement, decision making, and teamwork.
J_sat: No longer an active part of the community, but he still makes awesome guest appearances every now and then. An amazing Vermintide 2 player with great guide videos. His YouTube videos are a bit old but still very relevant. If you are trying to get into cata difficulty, check out his cata coaching guide videos (some of the most helpful content for new players seeking mastery of game mechanics).
Bad Content Creators:
PLEASE READ: Vermintide 2 is a great community that is very welcoming to new, returning, and veteran players alike. I want to keep it this way, so I am hesitant about including this section. But I feel that this section is a necessary evil to warn new players about misinformation
WetMagic: Wet is a fun content creator, especially considering he is one of the only content creators for this game that posts semi-regularly. Because of these two factors, he has attracted a growing fan-base. Good for him! But not good for the new player who is actually trying to learn more about the game. Much of his content like build recommendations, tierlists, and game discussions are riddled with misinformation. This honestly isn’t a big deal for veteran plays who can easily take Wet’s opinions with a grain of salt. This isn’t a big deal for players who just play Vermintide for fun either! This warning is simply just for players who are learning and are looking for resources to get that competitive edge.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you succeed in Cata lobbies! If you have any questions or concerns about specific weapons properties/traits, I’ll be happy to reply to a comment or PM!
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2022.01.17 04:57 shrekseyelash You can be any gender and called anything, like cis and she/they 🤪

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2022.01.17 04:57 Nohan07 Un chirurgien dentiste, recherche son futur assistant (H/F)

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2022.01.17 04:57 Floor-Proof Cina, nel 2021 il pil è cresciuto dell'8,1%

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2022.01.17 04:57 Soft-Comfort-7474 Most underrated member of the Upper Ranked demons?

Out of the six Upper Moon Demons (including their replacements), who do you think is the most underrated?
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2022.01.17 04:57 Thick_Mushroom7061 How to do Fundamental Analysis on Cryptos

Hi guys,
I didn't have enough Karma the last time, and i think i meet the requirements now. I've been researching into how to do fundamental analysis on cryptos (ie when people say DYOR), and would love your comments on how to improve my process.
I've seen some in here, but some important points like what kind of crypto it is, if it's a layer-1, a governance token, etc etc aren't included.
My post down below is just in point form, but i think it's fairly self explanatory. If you want the full in depth stuff, you can check out the video here, I'd really appreciate it. I'd love to get feedback from the community if you think there is anything else I should include.
I hope to put our full and proper videos where i conduct Fundamental Analysis on different crypto projects too, so that we can all benefit from it and understand that DYOR is not nearly as easy as typing D Y O R.

My Model for Fundamental Analysis of Cryptocurrencies:
The first 6 steps are more qualitative assessments, which tells me if I think the business is a good idea. The best way to use these qualitative assessments, is in comparison to other cryptos.
The last step, step 7, assesses whether the asset is underpriced and if i should buy, expecting future price appreciation.
Admittedly, it is extremely hard to calculate if the asset is underpriced because (1) cryptos by and large haven't been around for long enough to have a proven track record, (2) they don't have to and thus don't release financial statements, and (3) many cryptos do not have a real business or utility.

  1. Business Model:
Understand the project
What is it’s utility?
Which network is it on?
Does it bridge?
Are there any possible cycles to look out for?
Does it depend on any macroeconomic trends?
How does it generate income?
Is it backed by anything?
What is the project road map?
Team Competence
Who are the developers?
What is their background?
Any management experience?
Tech background?
Strategic Partnerships
Who are the partners?
Are they really able to help?
# of Github Commits
How long have they been around?
Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit

  1. Security & Speed
Has the crypto been audited, and if so, by who?
Any prior hacks / incidents?
Who supports the network?
Is the network at risk?
How many transactions per time period?
How long to confirm a transaction?

  1. Competitive Moat
Is this unique or is it just marketing and shilling?
Are others forking?
Who are the competitors and are they any good?
How big is the total market?
Is there space for multiple competitors?
Who has the lead?
Can it bridge across chains?

  1. Tokenomics (ie Supply & Demand Analysis)
What was the initial allocation?
What is the dump risk? (ie when do tokens vest?)
What is the inflation rate & the plan?
Is there mining, burning, or is everything pre-minted?
How is the network supported? (ie mining & fees)
How is interest / inflation etc controlled?
What is it’s scalability?

  1. Balance of Trade
Number of active addresses / holders
Rate of adoption of crypto
Rate of adoption of Layer-1

  1. Metrics
Coin Gecko
Market Capitalisation
Daily Volume
Volume / Market Cap (Liquidity / Utility Analysis)
Bid-Ask Spread (Liquidity Analysis)
Number of holders
# of transfers per # of holders
# of holders holding over daily volume (Whale Identification)
Gas generated by the project
Network Value to Transaction Ratio (NVT)
Market cap divided by daily transaction volume
Similar to PE Ratio ( More than 90 = bad )
Circulating Supply
Revenue Fees Generated

  1. Is the Crypto Cheap Relative to Intrinsic Value
Compare to an existing real world asset with similar purpose for it’s “equivalent real world price”
Consider transaction fees generated as profit toward Layer-1 cryptos
Consider other sources of profit as well, especially for non Layer-1s
Cryptocurrency Intrinsic Value = Equivalent Real World Price + Fees or Profit over X Years
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2022.01.17 04:57 annoyingllamaa Accessing Customer Support Live Chat?

I created a business account on facebook and promoted one of my linked ig’s posts as an ad so that I could speak to a live representative about an issue I have. However, I can’t seem to find the chat button — how long did it take for your guy’s to pop up? My ad became up and running around 24 hours ago, and my daily max is $1.50
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2022.01.17 04:57 kareltjeAnker What do you eat? Meat, fish or vegetables

View Poll
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2022.01.17 04:57 UnlikelyTale485 Old gmail account got hacked and it now asks for "google authenticator" rather than recovery email to recover.

Does this mean someone can just lock you out of your own account by throwing authenticator on? This didn't exist when this account was created.
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2022.01.17 04:57 Nohan07 AVIGNON INTRA MUROS / Les élèves de l'Atelier Art Vivant exposent au Cloître Saint Louis.

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2022.01.17 04:57 Archunion [summon][ds3][ps4] keen to help

If you need help hit me up I’ll be playing for the next few hours :)
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2022.01.17 04:57 zwmuwais8 Three ways to success

There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.
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2022.01.17 04:57 Phobos_is_papa udgjd

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2022.01.17 04:57 okupepe Lol idk why I'm posting this but I got like only few friends and family I live alone and never really see other people and the gym is just super important to me and my family doesn't like it so yeah idk just looking for verification

Lol idk why I'm posting this but I got like only few friends and family I live alone and never really see other people and the gym is just super important to me and my family doesn't like it so yeah idk just looking for verification submitted by okupepe to teenagers [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 04:57 Messenger-Zero Every single time

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2022.01.17 04:57 cutiepiedaily e

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2022.01.17 04:57 Macr0Mind [SF] Ex-ray

“It appears you’ve been exposed to excessive X-ray radiation. I’ve seen this before in radiologists who maybe put in too many hours.”
The next words out of my brother’s mouth just sounded like an ancient dialect of gibberish reciting haikus using only the word “blah”. This was common during moments I needed to protect myself from harsh truths. Usually in the form of “I told ya so” or “Hindsight is 20/20”. It always happens when it concerns my powers. My x-ray vision, which saved so many people over the last few decades, decided to give me cancer. Why couldn’t my x-ray vision see that coming? Maybe I had “blah blah” mode on too long.
It’s only a matter of time before I find out my telepathy caused a tiny hike in my phone bill. I used to be able to mold my body at will like putty, slip through a crack in a brick wall and return to form almost effortlessly. Saved a lot of people, including myself, especially in a fight. Then, one day, shortly before a “blah blah” soliloquy by my physician and powerless sidekick brother, I woke up as a deflated blob of putty, unable to return to my regular form. It took me 10 days to de-putty and I could never will myself into any shape other than myself again. That power went almost as quickly as it came. And all I had to remember it were a few local tabloid clippings and a 12-pill/day regimen of arthritis meds that do more harm than good. I know I haven’t woken up as a blob since I started taking them, but they haven’t done shit for my cracking bones. Not to mention I’ve now pissed every color of the rainbow. I’ve heard my brother say once that the cracking sound bones make is gas being released. Could this be true??
I rarely think of the day I got my powers. I was just a boy on a ninth grade field trip to a military research facility who got too close to a room that a lot of people should have never let me near. I remember walking and then a BOOM and then a ringing that was so loud I could almost taste it. All to sneak a cigarette, too. Next thing I knew, I had eye twitches which the doc called involuntary nystagmus. What he didn’t know was that each time my eyes twitched, I could see through walls or skin.. or both.. or neither. Took me a while to control it but, once I did, I instantly knew purpose. Never questioned it. Now I’m wishing I had. No one gives a fuck about me saving them. If they did, someone would’ve come around to save me from these awful side effects.
“Blah blah blah blah so take 1 of these, twice a day, morning and night to prevent further metastasis,” my brother said. I popped two, half caring, half pretending. “But until you get treatment, you need a break from work. Maybe it’s time you retired. Blah blah blah sometimes cause auditory and visual hallucinations blah blah blah.”
I clicked my eyes a few times to make sure they still worked the way I needed them to. With my brother thinking I’m on a hiatus, I could enjoy myself at work, the way it did when I had purpose. Brotherlessly. Sidekicklessly.
I decided to take the stairs down from his 5th floor office. I needed the exercise and maybe I’d release enough gas from my bones on the way down that I’d be magically cured of arthritis. By the third and a halfth floor, I regretted my decision to take the stairs but also saw behind a few layers of concrete and sheetrock that my purpose was about to be reinstated. Two goons trying to rough up a doctor and a nurse in a third floor office. It was time for me to act. Nothing gave me more pure joy than smashing in the faces of those who deserve it most.
I quickly put on my mask and casually opened the office door. It took me less than ten seconds to find those goons and snap their necks like twigs. I could see the nurse was almost as aroused by my saving her as I was but I, for the sake of mystery and ego preservation, resisted the urge to exchange even a simple “Can I call you sometime?” Besides, a few twitches of my eyes discovered her name, number and address, conveniently found on the inside of her purse beneath the words “If Found, Please Contact:”
I left and quickly finished the remaining 3 floors by taking the one working elevator. God, it was slow as shit. The door opened at Lobby and I discovered four police officers had already arrived.
“Third floor,” I said, still wearing my mask, and to no particular officer. Before I could make it to the entrance, I felt something I’d never felt before. Cuffs. On my wrists.
The nurse from the third floor had made it down to the lobby. “That’s the man!” she cried, half yelling angrily and half inconsolably weeping. “He killed a mother and her 10 year old son. Broke both of their necks.” I’d never been so confused in my life until I skimmed as quickly as I could through pages of “blahs” which came out of my brother’s mouth, while he discussed something about hallucinations caused by my cancer pills. All it took was this remembering to realize what I’d actually done. There were no goons. I broke the necks of a mother and her son inside a pediatrician’s office. I thought of how odd it was that I no longer hallucinated the memory of my hallucination.
It’ll be okay, I told myself. My brother will get me out of this. I passed out.
When I awoke, I lied on a stiff bed behind some very expensive looking bars, with my brother reciting the “Unabridged Encyclopedia of Blah” on the other side of them, telling me he told me so. In the next cell, the same two goons from the third floor of my brother’s building bullied an inmate. And there was nothing I could do but hear the words “blah” and the sound of gas cracking from my newly retired bones.
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2022.01.17 04:57 Inra_ dark type beat, feedback is appreciated :)

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2022.01.17 04:57 Nawaftzx Why can’t I post Videos in this Community?

I’ve seen many videos on GTA here and I wanna share a couple of videos and it says this community doesn’t allow videos…
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2022.01.17 04:57 Mainframe110 How are you supposed to pretend to not be distracted and forgetful…?

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2022.01.17 04:57 Walls [Plan] Wednesday 19 January 2022; please post your plans for this date

Please post your plans for this date, and if you can, do the following;
give encouragement to two other posters on this thread.
report back this evening as to how you did.
give encouragement to others to report back also.
You should go get vaccinated.
Good luck!
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2022.01.17 04:57 PerceJackson Cursed_Protein Shots

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2022.01.17 04:57 Danielanderson198 [searching] need active clan

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