There is nothing to discuss, based on unbiased statistics of the recent episode

2022.01.17 05:03 Songkolmae There is nothing to discuss, based on unbiased statistics of the recent episode

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2022.01.17 05:03 viipenguin Granblue Fest Poses Are Out

Unfortunately doesn't include Lyria, but we knew that already.
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2022.01.17 05:03 xVladuo I should probably get started on it

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2022.01.17 05:03 Green_Ad2169 I do my best

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2022.01.17 05:03 cutiepiedaily k

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2022.01.17 05:03 anonymousShyFitGuy M20 (chat), brother passed away

As text says my brother passed away today, I could use a distraction. I'm a lowkey nerd, I'll elaborate on this if you text me. I enjoy exercising, especially weight training. I'm honestly typing all this out bc of the word count minimum so ask me whatever you want in the chats
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2022.01.17 05:03 Monkmartglobal Exploration of life with text

Exploration of life with text All bibliophiles very much love reading books and enjoy each word of the book and find them so magical. The texts in the books are not considered just as words but a beautiful path that makes us feel the world inside the book. Few people use books only on an occasional basis but, without their acknowledgment, they learn and share much more things and find it to be serendipity. However, all the people, don't utilize all the resources and materials available here while some are keen to know the sense of knowledge and of course, are eager to know the real-hidden cause of the materials. For example, let's take our academics for much deeper knowledge. In our schooling and college, we come across various kinds of subjects and their related textbooks, how many of us would have used it much wisely( in the sense of completely understanding things)? Damn sure that, the answer is "not the whole of us" !!. We had studied all the theory, formulae, and some of its applications in real life works but still many forget those things after a few days because people don't read the concepts with deep interest and understanding. Whereas if each word of the book is been read with more interest and thurst to learn things then we would remember those concepts forever.
Magic of words
All the text in books just does magic by showing us all the meaning or story of the books through our imagination eye. All the words take us into the world of books making us forget all our problems, worries, works, etc. So books can be considered as the magic of words.
Delivers the content
Text in the books doesn't only bring beauty to the books through its font or filling the book but adds on more meaning and conveys the contents to the readers clearly and makes them benefit out of them. Books have the power to change our personality, character, attitude, behavior because they can beautifully and easily convey a point deep into us. All these amazing things are only done through those words. Hence books have the power to improve us.
Check the Things that books can give
The writer who writes all these words deserves more appreciation, praise. They do a selfless service by writing content for the improvement of their readers by advising the readers like a parent, friend, mentor, teacher, expert through the book. Hence the language or words bridge the gap between two unknown people, the author, and the reader, and this connection bring more knowledge sharing, love from writers to readers, respect from readers to writers. All these amazing relations are made possible through this amazing mixture of words.
Life is a journey that we accomplish mostly by gaining knowledge from certain Destinations and Sources. The information in all the books is just amazing sentences created by the writers who work hard in writing them such that all the readers can understand them beautifully. Books are one of the origins from where we learn much as we grow day by day.
Here are some of the popular books that can motivate us to do good things and lead us to the right path.
Topmost rated Motivational books :
  1. Think like Monk
  2. Think and grow rich
  3. The power of positive thinking.
  4. Rich dad Poor dad
  5. Ikigai
  6. Think and grow rich
Buy these amazing books in Monkmart
So, reading books generally will help us to develop many beneficial things and to lead an exciting and prosperous life. Reading any book at least once a day can be done to enrich our knowledge and as well as it helps to learn about ourselves (Known thing but even though reminding ).

Processing img v8by0cvig7c81...
“As a conclusive part, I would like to suggest that our life solely depends on our way of gathering information, which can be knowingly done by us, with the help of most of the books that are available to be availed in the world…”
Buy your favorite books in Monkmart and enrich your reading habit.
—By Shiva

#monkmart #monkmartglobal #discoverthedifference
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2022.01.17 05:03 Willing-Clock-8884 NAUGHTY SPIN THE BOTTLE *HOT* | Lauren Alexis

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2022.01.17 05:03 CanadaMadeReyes Copyrighted NFTs

Why is there so much copyrighted NFTs and collections I see people making 10k in a week even though copyright is against the policies. Do those people get banned?
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2022.01.17 05:03 Apprehensive-Ad2975 Give him some love com2us

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2022.01.17 05:03 CyborgTruck Tower Of Victory DECREASES attack speed for Spearmen from 1.75 to 1.60. (BUG)

Tower Of Victory DECREASES attack speed for Spearmen from 1.75 to 1.60. (BUG)
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2022.01.17 05:03 Cravity_pancakes Please help me find the radius of the base of a cylinder w/o the h

Question goes: The volume of a can is 602.88 cm³. The height of a can is three times the radius of the base. Find the radius of the base of the cylinder given it's formula as V = πr²h. (π=3.14)
Choices goes: 4cm, 4.5cm, 5cm, 5.5cm
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.17 05:03 TheSickTossing Ms PuiYi Cum Shot Hot Video 0nlifans

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2022.01.17 05:03 FujifootXT2 Beautiful tree in Kings Wood, Heath and Reach, Bedfordshire, England [6000x4000] [OC]

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2022.01.17 05:03 xox_tess_xox Zendesk

Hi i have this zendesk chat pop up now, no idea what caused it, i google and the answers are tricky. Does anyone know how to get rid of this thing? Thanks
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2022.01.17 05:03 ombresaco Enkondukante la kongreson

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2022.01.17 05:03 jshmccrt I'm a financial advisor...

just kidding that wouldn't be a fun job at all. But i did stay at a Holiday In Express last night and I now know FOR CERTAIN that everyone who comments on this will get at least 1 upvote and 1 saitama token from a reflection!
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2022.01.17 05:03 earo1674 Ask yourself:

Are the people I'm following going where I want to go?

99% of people are doing what everyone else is doing.
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2022.01.17 05:03 Pinkbike_bot Movies For Your Monday

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2022.01.17 05:03 cutiepiedaily k

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2022.01.17 05:03 adi_0635 Meta Pikachu (MPIKA), stealth launch🔥 No developers tokens🔥1000x potential 🔥

Meta Pikachu (MPIKA)
Contract: 0x598445e8d61d96e7e4441581ed38f4422a3ccba5
Meta Pikachu is a metaverse token. The team will develop skins, goods and games which will be sold in the Metaverse. NFT collection development in progress.
The revenues from the above sources will be redistributed to token holders in the form of buy back and burns.
The developerwallet does not hold any tokens. The entire supply of 1 trillion was put into liquidty when the token was launched. This liquidity will soon be locked forever guaranteeing no rug pull in the future.
Tax: 3.3% reflection 3.3% liquidity 3.3% development
Rewards for development team only in the form of 3.3% development tax. This will ensure that the development team will work to increasing the popularity of the token.
This is a stealth launch. We will soon launch the website, telegram channel and discord server. This will be accompanied by community based marketing, along with rewards based community marketing initiatives.
To purchase from pancake swap set slippage to 12%
Contract: 0x598445e8d61d96e7e4441581ed38f4422a3ccba5
BSC scan:
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2022.01.17 05:03 ombresaco Daniel Kane 1948–2021

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2022.01.17 05:03 Golgon13 Advice on building main character in Kotor 1

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2022.01.17 05:03 Effective_Chocolate3 kakashi perfect susanoo

so i pre ordered kakashi perfectly susanoo from ozzie collectibles and also preordered the itachi anbu pop from lugo collectibles. does anyone know when they’re going to drop?
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2022.01.17 05:03 DangBubba Need Assistance!

I understand I have a problem, that's not the focus here though. Let's get through this together. What's worth keeping/ditching early game? I'm level 10. Thank you in advance ❤ - please don't ask me to move things into my bags/rigs. It's not an option....😊
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